About the land "Tram Hanh"

In late autumn, it is often sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. This makes Tram Hanh (at an altitude of over 1,600 meters above sea level) a strangely beautiful space. Here, as the humidity is high, it is often foggy in the early morning and evening. So going in the foggy curtains, visitors can feel the cool breeze blowing on the face. Along with the houses undulating in the mist, it creates a mysterious feature with the entrances to the houses in blooming flowers space all year round and far away with the gardens of yellowish red persimmons and green coffee plantations.



Persimmon has high nutritional value, rich in glucose, fructose, sucrose, protein, carotene, vitamin C, citrulline, iodine, calcium… Its mineral content exceeds that of apples, pears, peaches and other fruits. Persimmon has a vitamin C content 1-2 times higher than common fruits, so it is an ideal food when vitamin C is needed.


Tram Hanh Coffee – Vietnamese food brand

Tram Hanh Coffee (Da Lat city) was granted the certificate of “Vietnamese food brand” by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology in 2013. This is a great pleasure for local authorities and people of Tram Hanh commune