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... amazing valley view and cloud ocean at your foot in the early morning...

The direction of National Road 20, from Don Duong to Da Lat through Dran pass, Tram Hanh, Cau Dat – is the favorite route of backpackers because when passing here, visitors can experience the feeling of floating through the bends and taking in the eyes the beautiful scenery of the straight pine trees bobbing up and down, the green tea hill stretching hun, the brilliant colors of native flowers such as cherry apricot, purple phoenix, wild kneeling, colorful houses with carefully cared for flowers, rolling hills and mountains near and far
My garden is about 1.2km far from National Road 20 – located in the middle of Min mountain valley. Its view covers the vast space of the whole valley, as far as the eye can see is the river and hydroelectric dam of Da Nhim.
The scenery here is like a fairy tale place – cloud ocean spreads in the morning, misty fog spreads in the afternoon
The mild climate, fresh and cool air all year round make the people here also become peaceful, sincere, happy and friendly that everyone can feel at first meeting.

It can be considered that this place is a part of Da Lat that has not been awakened, from the natural scenery, the land to the people, which are still very raw and very rustic like the early Da Lat.

If you are a person who loves outdoor sports and fun activities, there are available conditions right around: pristine pine forests, waterfalls, natural streams, old forests, ripe and red persimmon gardens and green coffee plantations. You can experience interesting activities outside such as walking, hiking, camping, exploring the mountains and forests, having fun in the fresh green nature in anytime you want.
There’s nothing like a morning with a cup of hot coffee or an afternoon of enjoying a warm cup of tea, immersed in melodious music, and looking at the picturesque scenery right in front of your eyes.
For those who are looking for a chilling space to immerse yourself and keep away the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is the most ideal choice.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our place

Thu Hang

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